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Winkelmann MSR Technology is a subsidiary of the Winkelmann Group, founded in 1898 by Heinrich Winkelmann and Caspar Pannhoff and still owned by the Winkelmann family.
As well as our sister company Winkelmann Flowforming Technology in the USA, we are a renowned supplier for the production of rotation-symmetrical components in the metal spinning and flow-forming procedures.
The Winkelmann MSR Technology division has decades of experience in production of complex forming products made out of many different materials. Winkelmann MSR Technology is also one of the global leaders in the application of pioneering forming technologies. Flow-formed metallic components provide highest material utilization, superior final strength through
cold hardening and weight reduction compared to other manufacturing processes.


Winkelmann MSR Technology

Winkelmann MSR Technology is a renowned supplier of rotationally symmetrical components produced from spinning and flow-forming processes.
With decades of experience in the manufacture of complex formed products, Winkelmann MSR Technology is regarded as one of the world's leaders in state-of-the-art forming technology.
Some advantages of formed components compared to other fabrication methods are high material utilization, increased strength through work hardening, and reduced weight due to superior mechanical properties.

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