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  • Certificates/environment/work safety/quality

    Certified to EN 9001, our quality management is based on the principles of customer orientation, management responsibility, employee inclusion, process-oriented approaches, system-oriented approaches, continuous improvement, facts-oriented approaches to decisions and supplier relationships for mutual benefit. They create transparency and safety for the company, customer ad employees.

    Certification to EN 9100 warrants compliance with the standard of the OASIS (Online Aerospace Supplier Information System) supplier database for our customers from aviation and aerospace technology. In addition to process orientation, procurement and risk management, document, configuration and development management, including initial sample testing, are at the focus here.

    Our also-certified environmental management system to ISO 14001 means efficient handling of resources, such as raw materials, energy, water and other goods, as well as consideration of all relevant environmental aspects and their effects from planning to disposal. Additionally, we train and inform our employees regularly on the principles of environmentally conscious conduct and action.

    A systematic approach for implementing, maintaining and improving an energy management system will enable our Company to continuously improve the performance of energy management, energy efficiency and energy conservation.

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