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WMT goes YouTube

Dear business partners and interested parties. Flowforming? Spinning? GROB-forming? What is it anyway and what are the advantages compared to the machining of components? In the new YouTube video, we will show you the chipless forming technologies of flowforming and GROB-forming with explanations of the advantages of these technologies and the benefits gained from them for your future applications and products.




Dear customers and business partners.

From 13th to 24th July 2020, as in previous years, the annual company shutdown for the summer seasons applies.
During this time the production will stop, deliveries do not take place and you can reach us neither by phone nor by email. From July 27, 2020 we will be available for you again as usual.
We wish you happy holidays as well in good health!

Your team from Winkelmann MSR Technology GmbH & Co. KG



Short-term plant shutdown in CW16

Due to a significant short-term reduction in call-offs for components by our clients, Winkelmann MSR Technology GmbH & Co. KG has also to take immediate and necessary actions.

We hereby like to inform that we will shut down the majority of our production facility including related ancillaries from April 14th to April 17th, 2020.

During that period the in- and outbound freights for selective products will be secured in order to guarantee a well-working supply chain. For those products you will be contacted directly by your logistics contact. Please align with this contact person the related deliveries and timings.

In case of any questions please do not hesitate to contact your well-known contact person. Thank you for your cooperation and support, please remain healthy.



Information for COVID-19 situation – update 6th April, ´20

The COVID-19 virus presents a global threat and hence a huge challenge for all of us.

For Winkelmann MSR Technology GmbH & Co. KG the health and safety of our employees, our customers, suppliers as well as all other business partners have top priority. Therefore we implemented the full scope of guidelines communicated by the WHO and the Federal Government and will continue to adapt those further in the future.

The supply chain is currently stable and our production facility remains in work. We are in close contact with our customer and suppliers and will immediately inform you about any changes in the call-off or delivery situation. This is also valid, if governmental sanctions are imposed, which could affect the availability of our production and services.

For further information please do not hesitate to get in touch with your well-known contact persons. Thank you for your understanding and your cooperation, please remain safe and healthy.



Grand Opening of Winkelmann Flowforming Technology in Auburn, AL

Winkelmann Flowform Technology has been active in our new Auburn facility since 2017.  We have had much success in this short period of time and we would like to take the opportunity to reflect on what the present holds and what the future can offer.   On October 3rd, 2019, our USA facility of the Business Unit Flowforming of Winkelmann Group located in Auburn, Alabama has officially had our Grand Opening.

Next to Heinrich and Rupert Winkelmann, we were proud to host the Governor of Alabama, Ms. Kay Ivey, Representatives of Senator Richard Shelby, Congressman Mike Rogers, Mayor Ron Anders Jr., the Dean of Engineering of Auburn University, Christopher Roberts, and the Associate Dean of Research, Dr. Steven Taylor. Our wide range of guests included customers, business partners and political representatives from local, state and federal levels.

Addressing the event and speaking on behalf of WFT was, Mr. Winkelmann, Governor of Alabama Kay Ivey, Congressman Mike Rogers and Mayor Ron Anders Jr.  This was followed by an official ribbon cutting sponsored by the state and local Chamber of Commerce and an opportunity to allow guest to take guided tours to learn of current and forthcoming business of the facility.

For our Business Unit as well as our Auburn facility it has been a successful opening event with huge interest from politicians, business community, education and media. This point of time was chosen since we received all necessary certifications for the area of Aerospace and Defense in spring 2019.  Although, we mainly produce components for the Oil & Gas industry and CNG applications, we have been able to acquire strategic programs in the area of Aerospace and Defense that will allow us to grow revenues and increase our skilled workforce to 50 people.

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